Vdes(serv.) = 28m/s Vdes(ult.) = 50m/s

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The member length measured from the centre of its left support to the centre of its right support
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Purlins near roof edges or changes of roof slope are subject to higher wind forces than interior purlins. As per AS1684 and AS4055 SpanMan adopts a nett pressure coefficient applied along the full length of the purlin of Cpn -2.0 for non cyclonic zones N1 to N6 and Cpn -2.5 for cyclonic zones C1 to C4. A consulting engineer familiar with the above codes should be contacted by the user should clarification be required with regards to the user's specific protect.
Note: Tick this box if the purlin is a distance "a" from a roof edge or a change in roof slope
"a" is the minimum of the building height, 0.2 of the building width or 0.2 of the building depth.
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Please select your roof compostion here. Note that SpanMan automatically calculates the weight of roof battens and adds it to the roof weight. For details of weights refer to ABOUT > Technical.
Additional dead loads can also be added in the CRITERIA screen.
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Please select your ceiling compostion here. For details of weights refer to ABOUT > Technical
Pick 'List all suitable timber and steel sections' to design across all timber and steel sections. Alternatively design in a specific timber or steel material type. Press DESIGN to obtain sizes.
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