Spanman's History


SpanMan was initiated as a desktop software package in 1992. It was in continuous development from 1993 to 2001. Intended as a design tool for engineers, architects, designers and builders, the SpanMan developed an excellent reputation for being an easy to use quality product.

Since it's release, SpanMan has been successfully used to design hundreds of projects, and created significant productivity gains for the professionals that have used the software.

Due to the popularity of Spanman, and to bring it in line with contemporary web based technology, we have made it more user friendly by rewriting it completely to work directly from the internet.

This new version of SpanMan has a number of improvements with respect to the earlier version

1. As an online web based software, no longer is the user required to download and install the software.

2. Using cloud technology the software can be accessed anywhere, PC, tablet or smartphone.

3. Live loads are automatically set for differing building types and floor uses.

4. Additional midspan Dead and/or Live Loads can be applied to all members.

5. Different span lengths can be input for double span members.

6. The software has been upgraded to be in accordance with the latest Australian Standards.

7. Design Certificates and Computations can be printed in pdf format.